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ELF has now been for years one of the most involved companies among car oil brands: this has enabled ELF to develop an extended range of engine oils for vintage cars and racing cars, as well as transmission fluids and specific products for cars (brake fluids).

Quick questions

What is the best lubricant for my car?

If you search the recommended oil for your vehicle, we'll recommend you thanks to our Lube Advisors, the best ELF oil lubricant adapted for your model of vehicle (either best oil for cars, best oil for motorcycles or best oil for trucks).

How to check engine oil in a car?

Checking cars’ oil level helps prevent faults and most importantly avoids mechanical damage which may – in the short-or mid-term – prevent your vehicle from running smoothly.

How to improve Fuel Economy?

Ways to reduce your day-to-day fuel consumption: Use our ELF Fuel Economy (FE) lubricants, check your tyre pressure on a regular basis (once a month)...

How to prevent pollution?

Any waste oil storage tank, such as tanks containing heating oil, diesel and waste oil, should be routinely checked and maintained to avoid the risk of causing pollution, through leaks and spills. For larger oil storage solutions on commercial sites, the tank may also need to comply with the Oil Storage Regulations.

ELF's presence in motorsports