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The ELF DGR partnership


ELF is proud to be an official sponsor of The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (The DGR), which brought in 2018 more than 115 000 “Gentlefolk” on classic and vintage styled motorcycles, riding in 648 cities in over 100 countries across the globe.

Join the ELF team for the DGR 2021

What is it?

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was founded in 2012 in Sydney by Mark Hawwa, a motorcycle passionate. He decided to create a themed ride that would be a great way to combat the often-negative stereotype of men on motorcycles, whilst connecting niche motorcycle communities together. He had the idea when he saw a photo of actor Jon Hamm (Mad Men's Don Draper) astride a classic bike and wearing his finest suit.


The ELF DGR partnership


To do so, the idea came up to organize once in the year an event where people could celebrate the art of being dapper and classic custom motorcycles. A few years later, the association decided to use the opportunity of having a growing audience to give an ethical sense to this recreational ride by raising funds and partnering with The Movember Foundation (active in the fight of cancer and mental health issues). In 2018, the proceeds from The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride provided more than $6 million for these causes.

How does it work?

Women and Men riding all types of classic and vintage motorcycles may enter the 2021 DGR, including the Café Racer, Brat Styled, Chopper, Scrambler and Classic Scooter. For riders, the dress code is “dashing and dapper”. After a registration on, select the city to ride in and choose the team you want to raise funds for. These are the few steps to follow in order to become a Distinguished Gentleman Rider.

As a premium lubricants brand, ELF decided to join the ride where riders are more than welcome to enjoy the experience globally by raising money for the ELF Fundraising Team.


The ELF DGR partnership


What is ELF doing in this?

Committed to meeting the needs of all motorcycle riders, ELF is an iconic brand with a legendary history, standing out to bring passion and emotion in riders’ daily life. With this philosophy in mind, ELF highlights an exclusive range of lubricants, especially formulated for motorcycles and scooters: ELF MOTO. With an unparalleled heritage ELF Lubricants shares your passion for motorcycles and provides every rider with confidence and an enhanced road riding experience.

Manager Silhouette
Manager Silhouette

With our range of ELF lubricants we support everything that’s worth promoting our values and quality of our products. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride is a high-standing event that attracts tens of thousands of passionate. For us, it offers an excellent opportunity to be close to our customers through an event that celebrates riding enthusiasm and the love of mechanics.

Mathieu Soulas Vice-President Lubricants
Manager Silhouette
Manager Silhouette

We are particularly delighted and proud that a brand like ELF will be our partner for The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

Mark Hawwa DGR founder
The ELF DGR partnership


The cobranded Merchandizing

As part of its quality and excellence history, ELF launched also in 2019 a merchandizing division where textiles products such as polos, jackets or caps are sold. 100% French made and local, these articles are meant to offer a wide range of high quality products to demanding customers.
The new ELF x DGR partnership was a good reason to carry on this way and has thus, started a new line of products including a key ring, a newsboy cap and a limited edition of mid season jackets (the serial number of the jacket is written inside!). For more information on this, do not hesitate to go on


The ELF DGR partnership


In addition, ELF will offer a range of apparel and accessories for sale that echo the brand’s history, in collaboration with The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the association and The Movember Foundation.
For more information regarding The DGR, please click here.

Join team ELF on the DGR 2021 picture
A lot of people on their motorbikes, riding for the DGR ride.


Nous sommes ravis de confirmer qu'ELF, une fois de plus pour 2021, est le sponsor lubrifiants moto officiel du Distinguished Gentleman's Ride. Pour la troisième année, nous sommes fiers de soutenir la DGR et de participer à cette cause qui fait la promotion de la santé mentale des hommes.

Cette année, la DGR vous invite à prendre place dans 1 des 3 formats différents de course pour se conformer aux différentes restrictions locales de distance sociale pour aider l'événement à avoir lieu sous un format adapté à chaque ville ! Toutes les rcourses DGR sont gérées par une équipe d'hôtes bénévoles locaux dans des villes du monde entier. Toutes les villes ne seront pas au même stade de leur restrictions sanitaires, ce qui aura un impact significatif sur la façon dont votre ville pourra participer. La DGR 2021 sera un événement différent afin de respecter toutes les restrictions locales en matière de distance sociale, mais rien ne vous empêchera de vous connecter à la communauté. Rejoignez-nous pour la course du 23 mai et n'oubliez pas de prendre une photo et de taguer @elflubricants.

Pour plus d'informations sur les formats de la course, cliquez ici.

Les 2 personnes ayant collecté le plus de fonds au niveau mondial dans l'équipe ELF pourront gagner un pack GoPro qui vous sera remis après la course. Il s'agit d'un excellent moyen pour vous d'immortaliser votre expérience après la rcourse et dans la perspective de l'année prochaine.



Remember all DGR 2020 moments.

In 2020, the ride attracted 56,000 participants across 2,531 cities worldwide.

Given the particular situation, the 2020 version of the DGR was completely redesigned! The event was held in a unique format: no group racing and mass participation, but each participant was invited to dress smartly and ride solo to respect the restrictions in each country. Socially distant, but globally connected.

Despite the exceptional circumstances, the ELF FUNDRAISING Team and its 50 members succeeded in raising €19,149 for the Movember Foundation.



Remember all DGR 2019 moments.

In 2019, the ride attracted 125,000 participants across 700 cities worldwide.

That day wasn’t just a day to celebrate freedom and fun, it also represented a deep commitment to supporting people and the DGR team was particularly proud of it: “We would like to extend our sincere thanks to ELF for being by our side during this unique event, which has achieved an incredible level of participation in just seven years."

ELF and The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride were be particularly visible in 30 cities around the world during the 2019 event. They could greet the riders/supporters and give them the chance to take home such prestigious gifts as one of the 30 cameras up for grabs or, for the 20 most generous raisers, a leather jacket made in France.