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Black Goose was born in 2016 from the vision of Marc-Olivier Rinaldi, a Franco-Italian designer who combined the refinement of watchmaking with the elegance of vintage cars. This independent brand has a unique DNA, fusing watchmaking precision with automotive passion.

Black Goose watches are the result of craftsmanship, passion and traditional methods inspired by the automotive industry. In 2023, Black Goose created the Atelier de Créations Horlogères (ACH), a space dedicated to bespoke watches and small production runs, demonstrating its commitment to artisanal excellence.

"Today, passion for me is very simple. It's an encounter. It's a meeting between me, a watch, a person and a story. My first passion is really design. Making cars, conceptualising them. Over time, my second passion, which was watchmaking, became my profession. And my profession, which was cars, became my passion. The starting point of a passion is often a story. People come up with an emotion, a memory, and share it with me so that together we can transform it. And it's often moving to see how, in the space of a few months, but on the scale of just three centimetres, you can transcribe that childhood car, that little memory. That's when I, like a kid, end up making watches that remind them of a story. It's brilliant. I wouldn't say I have the most beautiful job in the world, but I'm getting close all the same."

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