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Marcadier Brothers

Marcadier Frères is a family business, founded in 1989 in the heart of the Cognac vineyards in Charente. Carpenters and cabinet-makers by trade, we create and produce exceptional furniture, with respect for art and tradition, stamped to guarantee origin and quality.

We've always had a passion for classic cars. One day, we met Raoul Mas, a neighbour who is famous throughout the south-west. He introduced us to his fascinating world of woodwork for classic cars, and shared his immense knowledge with us. It was love at first sight. We put all our heart and know-how into saving and embellishing these vehicles, which are part of our automotive heritage.

"When we started in 97 or thereabouts, there were still 2-3 craftsmen doing this, but only briefly. Our basic trade is that of hebilist. But since almost 2000, we've only been making cars. We've made over 400 E7 Urbo models. So we still use the same working methods as 50 or 80 years ago. We still work on old plans that we drew on the drawing board and we remake the templates as they were originally made. It's still a very traditional craft. What we really like to see is our finished cars. When we see them finished, we say "Ah, we've saved another beautiful car". That's the greatest satisfaction. Like us, we've always done our job with passion. We try to do things as well as possible."

Don't hesitate to discover the work of the Marcadier brothers.