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Maison Eugène

Maison Eugène was born out of a meeting of enthusiasts. We've always been passionate about cars. As adults, we worked in the fine watchmaking and leather goods industries, professions that have given us a taste for work well done and precise gestures, carried out in the traditional, artisanal way. Over time, we developed an affinity for vintage cars, which resonated with what we experienced on a daily basis in our professions.

"Passionate and nostalgic, we wanted to make our contribution to the preservation and maintenance of these vintage vehicles by combining our passion and expertise to create a range of creams and care products specially designed for the leather interiors of these beautiful old cars".

"In 2020, I decided to combine my expertise with my passion for autonomy and create my origins. I come from the world of leather goods. I have a great affinity with leather, which is an extraordinary, noble material. In an old vehicle, for example, I think it's a shame to spoil the interior by changing the leather. The point is to preserve it. And in fact, when you use the right products and know how to nourish the leather properly, it will come back to life. What a wonderful way to look after your car by caressing its skin. For me, classic cars are about travelling, about dreams and also about history. You meet wonderful people with incredible stories to tell. And when you sit down in the car, you really feel the comfort too because your leather has become softer, etc. There's just the satisfaction of the work you've done. There's simply the satisfaction of a job well done. And that, for me, is priceless."

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