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François Bruère

François Bruère has been making a living from his passion for mechanical art ever since he finished his art studies. Since 1982, he has continued to create and innovate in this field. François Bruère draws, paints, sculpts, illustrates books on cars and motorbikes and invents his own concept cars, real works of art on wheels. His passion drives him to create unique and original pieces for manufacturers and major art and car collectors.

François Bruère draws his inspiration from the history of the brands or from a car whose beauty he sublimates. François Bruère captures the expression of a driver or a crowd, often reflecting a heroic and romantic era. His paintings go beyond hyper-realism to convey the character and sensations we experience when watching, listening to or driving a car. His unique and recognisable style is always a powerful illustration of the complicity between man and machine.

"My life revolves around my passion for art and cars. I was born on the day of the Le Mans 24 Hours race. I didn't do it on purpose, perhaps it was my destiny. For me, the 24 Hours have always been an essential part of my life. I grew up around it and it just happened, by magic. You have to believe in luck. For me, it's all about light. Light means brilliance, transparency, of course, and I would say all the vibrations that animate the painting, give it expression, speed sometimes, and all in a hyper-realistic style. Passion is what drives me. Every time I open my eyes and see something that moves me, I think 'wow'. It's beautiful, it's magnificent what I see, so I try to laugh too much. I think about cars, I dream about cars, I live for cars. For me, the car is above all a magic carpet."

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