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Brand history, from 1960 and facts today

We have been engineered to power succes


Some Clue Events of the Brand



ELF's story began in France, 1967, as a government-owned corporation. We first caught the world's attention when we plastered our huge 'red circles' on Union Générale des Pétroles' networks' oil tanks and petrol stations. That was the beginning of ELF's rise to become a global leader in lubricant technology. At the start, we were powered by the mere simple idea of producing quality lubricants for vehicles. Over the years, we recognized our potential to revolutionize the quality of drives forever, and our ambition grew.





      Initially, ELF was owned by the French Government until 1994 when its ownership was transferred to a privately owned corporation.






In 2000, ELF merged with lubricant powerhouse Total, the fourth largest energy company in the world, which has expanded our operations to across the globe.



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ELF - A Brand of Passion

Racing is in our DNA

Alain Prost F1 Win 1985

ELF has been at the heart of motorsport success since 1968.

Similar to the sport, we revel in the thrill of pushing boundaries and breaking limits.
Our involvement in motorsport competitions over the years has rooted us as key players in lubricant technology. ELF's many victories over 50 years in motorsport fuel our ambition to produce the most exceptional products and services. Together with our partners, we continue to develop more enduring, fuel-saving, and cleaner solutions.

We collaborate with top international manufacturers who share our love for racing, such as Renault, Nissan, Kawasaki and Dacia. We play a critical role in our partnership with the Alpine A470, which we have taken to the FIA World Endurance Championship and the Alpine ELF Europa Cup.

Racing, a test of endurance, requires lubricants of the highest caliber and latest standards. We test our lubricants against these harsh racing conditions to perfect them. Our customers can have confidence that ELF lubricants will awaken the full passion, adrenaline, and sensations of motorsport, in any vehicle on any road.


ELF Lubricants of Champions

François Cevert offre à l'Elf 2 sa Victoire

The ELF brand, a French oil company, has played a significant role in the history of Formula 1, particularly in terms of technical support and sponsorship of teams and drivers. Here's how ELF contributed to the victories mentioned:

Jackie Stewart

1969, 1971, 1973

Matra and Tyrrell

ELF was a key partner, providing high-performance lubricants and fuels. This partnership was crucial for the technical development of the cars, contributing to Stewart's successes.

Alain Prost


Renault and McLaren

Although Alain Prost won his 1985 title with McLaren, it's important to note that his relationship with Renault (and by extension with ELF as a fuel and lubricant supplier) during his earlier years at Renault laid the groundwork for his future successes. With McLaren, Prost benefited from TAG-Porsche engine technology, but his experience with ELF products at Renault certainly contributed to his approach to engine management and performance.

Nigel Mansell


Williams F1 Team

Similarly, ELF's partnership with Williams was pivotal during Nigel Mansell's victorious campaign. The high-performance ELF lubricants and fuels were key to enhancing the reliability and efficiency of Mansell's Williams-Renault car.

Michael Schumacher

1994, 1995


Although the collaboration between Benetton and ELF was not as publicized as that of Renault, ELF also provided petroleum products to the Benetton team during Schumacher's winning years. The quality of ELF lubricants and fuels contributed to the performance of the Renault engines used by Benetton.

Damon Hill


Williams F1 Team

ELF was a long-term partner of Williams during Damon Hill's championship year. The company's products played a crucial role in the performance of the Renault engines, giving Hill's Williams car a significant competitive advantage.

Fernando Alonso

2005, 2006

Renault F1 Team

The relationship between Renault and ELF is one of the most iconic collaborations in Formula 1. ELF supplied Renault with specially formulated fuels and lubricants designed to maximize engine performance. This collaboration was essential for Alonso's successes in 2005 and 2006, where engine reliability and performance played a crucial role in winning the titles.

The role of ELF in the history of motorsport, especially in Formula 1, has been pivotal, reflecting its ongoing commitment to technical excellence.

Through its contribution to the successes of teams and drivers, the brand has earned a reputation for excellence through its innovative capacity. The improved reliability and performance of engines, essential for winning world championship titles, are directly attributable to this collaboration. The repeated successes on Formula 1 circuits testify to the superiority of the products developed by ELF.

The expertise of these R&D teams and the technological advancements made in racing fuels and lubricants have undoubtedly contributed to advancing mechanical sport.


Elf has become a key player in the world of competition as a partner of its greatest victories
Our Standout wins include :
Matra-Ford MS10
Matra-Ford MS10
ELF sponsors Matra-Ford MS10 on the Dutch circuit, Zandvoort, at the F1 World Championship. Emerges as victor.
World Champion Constructors
World Champion Contructors
ELF clinches tiles of F1 'World Champion' and F1 'World Champion Constructors' titles.
Collaboration with Renault
Collaboration with Renault
ELF enters competition with Renault. The two brands sign a contract to develop a high-performance engine.
Monte Carlo Rally Win
Monte Carlo Rally Win
Renault and ELF win the Monte-Carlo rally, the French Championship and the International Rally Championship.
6-wheeled Ford Tyrrell P34
6-wheeled Ford Tyrrell P34
ELF sponsors the legendary 6-wheeled Ford Tyrrell P34 at Swedish Grand Prix.
Renault Alpine V6
Renault Alpine V6
ELF sponsors the Renault Alpine V6, fashioned in ELF's brand colours, at 24 Hours of Le Mans. Emerges as victor.
F1 Grand Prix
F1 Grand Prix
ELF stands on the podium at the F1 Grand Prix.
Renault enters F1
Renault enters F1
Renault enters F1 again with Williams, accompanied by ELF.
Renault-Williams-ELF Win
Renault-Williams-ELF Win
The Renault-Williams-ELF trio wins the 'World Champion' and "World Champion Constructors' titles.
Signatech-Alpine-ELF Partnership
Signatech-Alpine-ELF Partnership
ELF starts the Signatech-Alpine-ELF Partnership.



ELF Values

Creating Exceptional Drive Exhilarates Us

John Player Special F1 1986

ELF has found success globally because we have stayed true to our core values. We lead every project with Passion, Expertise, and Premium, with the goal of making every drive a real moment of pleasure.



Drawing from our passion for motorsport, we want to integrate the same excellence, adventure, and athleticism into every drive to give customers heightened experiences that stir emotions and create sensations typically telt only on a racetrack.



Fundamentally inspired by R&D, we strive to be specialists in our field by constantly anticipating, exploring, innovating, and daring to be different.



We are strongly anchored in the public consciousness in many markets as a brand of status, prestige, and elegance. Our dignified and restrained approach to developing high-value products has attracted a community of driving enthusiasts.


ELF Products Development

ELF has dedicated lines of lubricants for cars, motorcycles and heavy-duty vehicles.

Elf Product Caroussel



Launched Presti Anti-wear, the first lubricant on the market to be offered in 15W grades



Launched the first detergent oils for diesel engines



ELF Competition SX 10W-30 the first fuel saving lubricant



Launched ELF Evolution, the second generation fuel-saving lubricant. ELF Excellium for recent direct injection technology engines



Launched ELF Excellum XLL and ELF Excellum LSX



Launch of the low ash lubricant, ELF SOLARIS DPF



Product names reorganization from a more streamlined range



Launched new packaging with reduced plastics and enhanced ergonomics