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16/01/2024 News

How ELF Moto 4 Scooter 10W-30 Can Boost Your Scooter’s Performance

If you own a 4-stroke scooter, you know how important it is to use the right oil for your engine. Using the wrong oil can lead to poor performance, increased wear and tear, and higher fuel consumption. That’s why you need ELF Moto 4 Scooter 10W-30, a premium mineral oil that meets the highest international standards and offers protection with smooth performance for your gearless 2-wheeler.

What is ELF Moto 4 Scooter 10W-30?

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ELF Moto 4 Scooter 10W-30 is a 4-stroke automatic motorcycle oil. It is a premium mineral lubricant with a viscosity grade of SAE 10W-30. This product meets API SL & JASO MB international standards, which are the most stringent for 4-stroke scooters.

Why Choose ELF Moto 4 Scooter 10W-30 for Your Scooter?

ELF Moto 4 Scooter 10W-30 is specially designed for automatic scooters and gearless 2-wheelers. Its exclusive and unique formulation does not let the oil film break easily, thereby providing superior protection even in heavy traffic ‘stop-n-go’ conditions. This leads to a distinctly superior performance, which can be felt from the first use itself!

Here are some of the benefits of using ELF Moto 4 Scooter 10W-30 for your scooter:

  • The oil formulation is made for automatic transmission 4-stroke 2-wheelers, certified with the latest JASO MB specifications. This ensures optimal lubrication and compatibility with your scooter’s engine and transmission system.
  • Active prevention of friction: Reduction of friction between moving parts allows the users a smooth ride. This also reduces noise and vibration and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Eliminates ‘aeration’ of lubricant by preventing foam formation and consequently avoids early wear and tear. This extends the life of your engine and reduces maintenance costs.
  • HTHS viscosity: The excellent base oil used gives the oil a High Temperature High Shear viscosity. This provides users ideal performance under extreme pressure conditions. Engine is protected by optimal maintenance of oil film thickness even in the most extreme load or speed condition.

How to Use ELF Moto 4 Scooter 10W-30 for Optimal Results?

Before using ELF Moto 4 Scooter 10W-30, you should check your vehicle’s user guide. Oil changes should be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The product should not be stored at temperatures over 60°C. It should be kept away from sunlight, intense cold and extreme temperature fluctuations. If possible, the packaging should not be exposed to the elements. Otherwise, the drums should be laid horizontally in order to avoid any contamination from water and to prevent the product’s label from rubbing off.