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12/10/2023 News

How ELF Products Help Kawasaki Racing Team Achieve World-Class Performance

If you are a fan of motorcycle racing, you might have noticed the ELF logo on the Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT) bikes. But did you know that ELF is not just a sponsor, but also a partner that provides KRT with high-quality products for their racing activities? Let’s dive into how ELF products help KRT achieve world-class performance and how you can use the same products for your own bike.

ELF oil: the secret of a high-performance engine

One of the most important products that ELF provides to KRT is the oil. Oil is essential for the engine, as it helps improve performance and extend the engine life. KRT uses ELF HTX 3835 oil, which is a 100% synthetic oil with low viscosity, high thermal resistance, and specially designed for WorldSBK. This oil can work at extreme temperatures and withstand the demands of racing. For your bike at home, you can use ELF Vent Vert oil, which is specially formulated for Kawasaki engines. This oil can handle a full range of temperatures, keep the engine parts clean, and provide smoothness and maximum protection.

ELF fuel: the power booster

Another key product that ELF provides to KRT is the fuel. Fuel is a crucial element to increase power and regulate the engine temperature. KRT uses a specific racing fuel that is developed by ELF and Kawasaki together. This fuel can increase power by up to two horsepower compared to other racing fuel brands. It also helps the engine run at optimal temperature and performance. The technical specifications of this fuel are shared with the KRT engineers to help them get the most out of the engine.

ELF degreaser: the essential cleaner

The third product that ELF provides to KRT is the degreaser. This product is used to clean the brakes, fairings, chains, rims, sprockets, and other parts of the bike. It can be used on metals, bodywork, carbon, plastics, and more. It helps remove dirt, grease, and grime from the bike and keep it in good condition. You can also use this product at home on your bike, as it is an essential lubricant to have in your garage.

ELF and Kawasaki: a winning partnership

ELF and Kawasaki have been working together since 2009 and have won many world championships together. You can benefit from this race-winning technology by using ELF products on your bike. You can find these products at your local motorcycle dealer or online. Try them today and see the difference for yourself!